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We understand the daily challenges and that it is lonely running an enterprise on your own without any support. From mentoring start up businesses to providing fresh ideas for existing companies we can fill the advisory role that a financial director would normally take within your business.

We love to be able to bring our years of commercial experience to help entrepreneurs realise their ambitions. Whether it is aiding a start up business to get off the ground, or providing a sounding board and ideas for established companies, we can help.

Most people start a business because they are good at their trade or profession. No-one sets up a business as a plumber or hairdresser because they are good at accountancy. Using our expertise in a timely manner can result in rewards which easily outweigh the costs.

Sometimes, business owners can simply be too close to their work and cannot see the bigger picture. We can take an objective view and offer guidance before any difficult situations arise.

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